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Summary of John Bonham death information:

Date of Birth, Date of Death:

31 May 1948 - 25 September 1980


32 years old

Location of Death:

Jimmy Page’s home in Windsor

Cause of Death:

Pulmonary Oedema - Inhalation of vomit during sleep

Inquest held:

East Berkshire coroner’s Court - October 8th 1980

Coroner’s report:

Cause of death attributed to “consumption of alcohol”.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded

Tomb / Burial Ground

His ashes were buried at Saint Michael's Church and Cemetery, Rushock, England (see map below)

Family Service:

Rushock Parish Church in Worcestershire October 10th - attended by 250 mourners

Final Service:

Worcester Crematorium

Sourced: pg 121, 122, 199 Thunder Of Drums