John Bonham Drums

Drum Kit Set Up

This section lists each of the different drum kit components used by John Bonham during his drumming career with Led Zeppelin. Click on the links below for a detailed description of what Bonzo was using.

Drum Set -  Ludwig
Snare -  Ludwig Supraphonic 14"
Cymbals -  Paiste Giant Beats & 2002 series
Bass Drum Pedal -  Ludwig Speedking
Hardware -  Swiv-O-Matic
Drum Heads -  Remo & Ludwig
Percussion -  Cowbell, Timables, Tambourine
Drumsticks -  Promuco Hickory
Timpani -  Ludwig Universal Series
Gongs -  Symphonic Paiste Gong
Microphones -  Shure Professional Series SM57


Many more details can be found in Welch & Nicholls' amazing book - 'John Bonham A Thunder Of Drums' Which you really ought to own!

If you have any other info on the equipment Bonham used, or have noticed any mistakes - please contact me