Led Zeppelin Live

Here I have compiled a list of my favourite Led Zeppelin and John Bonham live performances. I believe that it is important to watch other musicians playing live, because you can learn a great deal by simply observing and taking in their own unique style of playing.

Achilles Last Stand - Live at Knebworth
August 1979
9:39 22.8MB Achilles Last Stand
Black Dog - Live from Madison Square. Off the Led Zeppelin DVD
4th May 1973
5:35 12.8MB Black Dog
Heartbreaker - Final gig (the fifth one) from Earls Court, London England.
25th May 1975
8:04 18.7MB Heartbreaker
Immigrant Song - The film footage is from a concert in Australia, and the audio track is from a concert in California in the same year.
27th February 1972
4:03 9.1MB Immigrant Song
Kashmir - what can you say? Knebworth
4th August 1979
8:51 20.9MB Kashmir
Misty Mountain Hop - Madison Square Garden from the Led Zeppelin Live DVD.
4:45 10.8MB Misty Mountain Hop
No Quarter - Gig in Madison Square Garden
10:00 23.1MB No Quarter
Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin live from "The Song Remains The Same" DVD
8:40 20.3MB Since I've Been Loving You
The Ocean - Another live Led Zeppelin performance off of the "Led Zeppelin" DVD, recorded at Madison Square Garden.
4:39 10.6MB The Ocean
Whole Lotta Love - Live in the Royal Albert Hall London.
9th January 1970
6:15 14.8MB Whole Lotta Love

If any of the videos aren't working please email me and I WILL fix them.