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John Bonham Outtakes

Listen to 23 Isolated Solo Drum Tracks played by John Bonham in 1978!
See the F.A.Q below to find out more about the tracks.

Download Options:

  1. Download tracks individually from the wonderful Salad Records site.
  2. Search for a youtube to mp3 download site which can let you store audio from any youtube video onto your device.

F.A.Q on these tracks:

Where Are These Drum Tracks From?
  These MP3 files have been floating around on the web for many years. However it's still unknown how they were made their way onto the internet.
Which songs are are found in this collection?
  You can take a look at the track names for a summary of the audio tracks.
What Album Were These Drum Tracks From?
  They are all from Led Zeppelins 8th studio album 'In Through the Out Door', which the band recorded at Polar Studios* from November, finishing in December 1978. (*A recording studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, and was founded by members of ABBA in 1978.)
Were These Takes Used On The Final Version Of The Album?
  None of these drum tracks were on the final album, as they are all outtakes.
How Do I Know This Is Really John Bonham?
  If you listen carefully at the beginning of Track 22 ('Fool In The Rain') you can here John Henry Bonham's voice counting in to the song. You can also hear Robert Plant's vocals, along with Jimmy Page's guitar in the bits where the drums cut out.


If you know the name of any of the drum tracks, please email me with the details and I will update the page.