John Bonham Drums

Drum Hardware

He used the Rogers Swiv-O-Matic tom holder with his maple Ludwig kit. This modification was also used by 1960s drummers: Baker and Moon.

Bonham switched to using the sturdy Rogers hi-hat stand product, after finding the Ludwig hi-hat stand too flimsy to endure his heavy playing style.

The giant 24 inch ride cymbal was always mounted on a simple hinged bass drum cymbal arm in the style of Buddy Rich. Ocheltree says it was just an ordinary cymbal holder with the standard wing nut. "We kept replacing the actual holder but I never saw the cymbal fall over... Other things did break occasionally, like hi-hat clutches and timpani pedals".


Many more details can be found in Welch & Nicholls' amazing book - 'John Bonham A Thunder Of Drums' Which you really ought to own!

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