John Bonham Drums

Cymbals - 2002 Series

Paiste Logo Company
Bonham had an exclusive endorsement deal with Paiste, the Swiss-German cymbal company. In the mid 1960's Paiste designed one of the first ranges of cymbals that catered specifically to the amplified rock market. The range was called Giant Beats which consisted of a bronze alloy (B8) and a smaller tin content than their competitors Zildjian's (B20) range. With this new design, they aimed to create a more cutting sound whilst making the cymbals more resistent to cracking. This range became very popular amongst British rock drummers such as Bonham.

The Giant Beats range was discontinued by Paiste in 1971, being replaced by the similar 2002 series which Bonham adopted for the rest of his career.

A typical Bonham cymbal setup would include:

He would sometimes additionally employ an 18inch crash on his left side and a large 20 or 22inch crash/ride on his right side, all of which were from the Paiste 2002 series.
The images below show the endorsement agreement Bonham held with Paiste, along with the cymbals he was given. (Click to view full size). It is interesting to note the wide range of cymbals Bonham requested to experiment with.


Many more details can be found in Welch & Nicholls' amazing book - 'John Bonham A Thunder Of Drums' Which you really ought to own!

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