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Short interview with LuLu (singer)
Source: Mick Bonham Book


Q: How did you rate John as a drummer?

John was the most awesome drummer, a genius; I don't think I've seen a drummer to compare with John.

Q: Did you meet up very often?

When in London recording, he would visit our house along with Robert Plant, Keith Moon and Ringo Starr. Brother Billy and Maurice would be there and we would party into the night. I would hang out as long as possible, trying to be one of the boys. It was great fun whenever we met.

Q: I understand you had some great holidays with Pat and John, was he a fun person to be with?

People said things about John, which I could not believe; I never saw it in all the time I knew him. We went on holiday to the South of France with Pat and John and had a fantastic holiday. When we stayed with them they were the perfect hosts even giving up their bedroom so we would be more comfortable. While we were there we met their son Jason who at six was an incredible talent playing drums like a gut many years older.

Q: How would you like people to remember John?

John and I had a lot in common, it was not about being a star, or about doing it to become rich and famous, it was doing it because it's in every fibre of your body, and that's why I think it's kind of sweet that I am able to say I knew him. John was very generous, and incredibly passionate, which allowed him to play the way he did.