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Sometimes to learn new things you have to just  S L O W    D O W N, and take things in at a pace which is natural for your brain to process! For example, when you learn a new drum beat for the first time, trying to play it really fast before you can play it really slow is going to be ineffective and a waste of your time.

This tutorial shows you a method of slowing down a Led Zeppelin song with the aim of helping you to recognise and dissect what exactly John Bonham is doing on the kit. What drums are he hitting? What is the Rhythm? etc.
The process can of course be applied to any mp3 song!

I have chosen to use the Led Zeppelin song: 'When The Levee Breaks' because it features what is probably my favourite John Bonham drum beat, sound and feel.

What you will need:

Amazing Slow Downer also gives you an equaliser to play with, so you can tune in on the high frequencies(cymbals, hi-hats) or the low frequencies (bass drum etc.). This video shows off some of the great features in the software:

So use this tool, and be creative with it. Maybe start off by playing along to the song at 90% and then gradually build your speed up? Or maybe once you can play it at the correct tempo, make it faster and try to keep up!

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