Cover Versions

There are loads of great Bonham drum covers out there, but here are just a few really good ones! The videos are also extremely helpful if you a puzzled as to how they were played by John.

This guy is about as close as it gets to Bonhams groove. An incredible drummer! Clips from the following Led Zep songs:
Black Dog
Fool In The Rain
Sick Again
I Can't Quit You Baby (live)
Good Times Bad Times
In My Time Of Dying
9:51 22.8MB
Another great drummer playing lots of different Bonham Grooves.
6:25 15.1MB
The Rover - What a beat! Great cover version. 5:30 13.1MB
Nobody's Fault But Mine - This is a really useful view to see how the beat is played. 5:30 13.6MB

If any of the videos aren't working, or you have another cover version that you think should be here please email me and I WILL fix/add them.