Billy Connolly Interview's Bonham

According to one commenter:

"Let's set the record straight here... according to 'Billy', Pamela Stephenson's book about her husband, Billy and John WERE friends. Bonham didn't like giving interviews, but he agreed to do this one. So Billy said to him 'let's do a non-interview. I'll ask you non- (i.e. boring) questions, and you give me non-answers'. So they cooked the whole thing up beforehand. Hence the reason for the very short, boring interview. IT WAS A JOKE!!"

Billy Connolly interviews his friend John Bonham on the TV show "Alright Now". This is a painfully short interview, which I wish had lasted longer...
This was the last television interview he did as it was only filmed a few months before his death - 19/07/1980
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