John Bonham didn't enjoy doing interviews and being in the spotlight as much the other band members. (Like Robert Plant or Jimmy Page)

So unfortunately for us fans, interviews starring Bonham are extremely rare.
I have searched far and wide, but these clips are the only ones I have found so far...

If you know of any others, please contact me.

John Bonham and Robert Plant talk about how the music scene is different from when they were growing up, on the London & The South East BBC show: NationWide
After 8 consecutive years of The Beatles winning the annual Melody Makers Pole Winners Awards, Led Zeppelin knock them off the top. The interview was conducted in 1970.
5:33 13.1MB
Billy Connolly interviews his friend John Bonham on the TV show "Alright Now". This is a painfully short interview, which I wish had lasted longer...
This was the last television interview he did as it was only filmed a few months before his death - 19/07/1980
0:46 1.9MB

If any of the videos aren't working please try and search for them